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30+ Places To Buy Cottagecore Clothes

If you already saw my video “A Cottage core Guide For Black Women“ on the Cocoa Styling YouTube channel, you will love this post. This is a complimentary guide of places to shop Cottagecore clothing.

If you haven’t seen my video, I highly recommend you do, that will help you chose the items you need.

What is cottage core?

This is aesthetic refers to the romanticized interpretation of the wester agricultural life. It focuses on a simple farm life that harmonizes with nature. This also means it’s not only about clothes, it can also be considered a lifestyle. It’s also called farmcore and countrycore because they share the same bases.

Where to buy Cottagecore garments?

My favorite Cottagecore Stores

Doen: this is probably one of the first brands you think about when you want to buy cottagecore clothing. They prioritize natural fibers, have recyclable packaging, and they do make an effort to support the communities where they manufacture.

Shop: Dress 1Cardigan 1BlouseCardigan 2

Photo credits: Doen

Hill House Home: they are a smaller female-founded brand and they focus more on house items and loungewear.

Shop: Dress 1Dress 2Dress 3Dress 4

Photo Credits: 1&2 @lefevrediary 3 @anaasmood 4 @diamondalicia_

Christy Dawn: I really like this brand, they are a sustainable clothing store. Their dresses are stunning, and I really like how transparent they are as a brand. They even show you the manufacturing process and every single person on their team. They have partnered with Oshadi Collective, an amazing company that works on regenerative cotton agriculture.

Photo Credits: Christy Dawn

House of AAma: this is a black-owned brand from California. I really like their products because they focus on heritage and nature. They are on the expensive side ($150 - $600), but if you can afford it, their pieces are stunning.

Shop: Dress 1 Blouse Top Skirt

Photo Credits: House Of Aama

Spell: This is a sustainable modern boho brand. They are not that affordable ($150-$300) but their clothes feel amazing to touch.

Photo Credits: Spell

Lack of color: this is a hat shop, but as you can see, hats are essential in a Cottagecore wardrobe and they have lots of different hats to choose from

Shop: Hat 1 Hat 2 Hat 3 Hat 4

Photo Credits: Spell

Lirika Matoshi: This really is one of my favorite brands, as you all already know I LOVE color. I especially like this store because they offer more playful and cutter designs. If you are into more Avant-Garde pieces this is the perfect store for you.

Photo Credits: 1&3 @champagnemani 2 @camrihewie 4 @lefevrediary

Selkie: They offer “cuter” and more colorful garments. They look more Lolita-inspired but depending on how you pair their pieces with accessories you can totally use them to build your Cottagecore wardrobe.

Photo Credits: Selkie

Plus-Size Options

Eloquii: this is actually one of my favorite plus-size stores. I am not plus size myself, but they have beautiful designs that I always recommend to my clients. They carry sizes 14 to 28.

Photo Credits: Eloquii

Christy Dawn: I already raved about how much I love them on the “my favorites” section.

Photo Credits: Christy Dawn

Modcloth: this store isn't a Cottage core store specifically, but they carry lots of garments that you can use as bases for your Cottagecore wardrobe. They also have extremely pretty and cute shoes that are perfect for this style.

Photo Credits: ModCloth

Free people and Anthropologie: they are both sister brands to Urban Outfitters, they are like the boho version of Urban Outfitters, but they are slightly more expensive. They do have lots of clothing options, I like Anthropologie a lot more, but I really like accessories from Free People. I have bought items from them before, but I don't think I have enough items to make a complete review. And they also have a plus-size section.

Shop: Scarf Cardigan Shirt Skirt

Photo Credits: Free People & Anthropologie

Torrid: Torrid has lots of options, and it can work if you know what you are looking for.

Shop: Dress 1 Cami Dress 2 Shirt

Photo Credits: Torrid

Asos: this is a very good option because they carry everything, they have affordable pieces as well as slightly high-end pieces.

Photo Credits: Asos

Affordable Options

Roolee: I like Roolee because of their shopping modality, you can order up to 8 pieces, receive them, try them at home, and finally pay for the thing you like and return the ones you don’t; like a physical store. They have lots of nice-looking clothing pieces and shoes. In terms of affordability, they are not extremely cheap, but they have lots of pieces between $20 and $70.

Photo Credits: Roolee

H&M: this is a fast-fashion store. Even f it’s not ideal, fast fashion isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and it a great option for people who can afford to pay $100 for a shirt. I do believe that if you do buy from a fast fashion store, try to make the most out of those garments, I will upload a guide soon on how to take care of clothes, specifically for fast fashion items. I listed them because they have been trying to be more sustainable by using eco-friendly materials and they are on a mission to lower their carbon footprint.

Photo Credits: Roolee

Etsy, Depop, and thrift shops: You can find more pieces in here, but since most of the time people who sell here (except Etsy) tend to have very few pieces of each item or maybe just even one. But I also think it’s a great way to have an original outfit that no one else has. If you are looking for authentic vintage garments this is also the way to go.

Ethical Options

Christy Dawn: this is the third time I mention this brand on this list, you can definitely see how much I love it!

Photo Credits: Christy Dawn

Bird Song: they are not specifically a Cottagecore store, but they do carry lots of pieces in natural fibers. And some cute knit items.

Shop: Bag Sweater Dress 1 Cardigan

Photo Credits: Bird Song

Grammar NYC: their prices are on the high spectrum ranging from $200 to $600, but their garments have a distinct chic and clean look. elegant.

Photo Credits: Grammar NYC

Label By Three: their clothes are hand-made in Arizona by women. The brand is owned and created by three women of color. Right now, they are having a sale, their products are actually very affordable, and I really like their jewelry pieces. They have their own clothing line with prices ranging from $45 to $250 but they also sell vintage and pre-loved clothing at more affordable prices.

Photo Credits: Label By Three

Seek Collective: I have not ordered from this brand, I learned from it because of a client and I’m really looking forward to getting some items from their store. This is a sustainable brand based in India, according to their about section, they create clothing with the purpose of making people feel connected, creative, beautiful, relaxed, joyful, empowered, and sophisticated. Their owner graduated from Parsons School of Design and has worked for many recognizable brands.

Photo Credits: Seek Collective

More Options

These are stores that I haven’t personally bought from but do think they offer interesting options.

Voriagh: this is a great option if you are into CottageGore or witchy aesthetics.

Shop: Bolero Skirt Coat Dress

Photo Credits: Voriagh

Roam Vintage: they carry both vintage clothes and their own clothing line.