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I'll be your guide in your fashion journey


You might already know me from my work at Cocoa Styling, and if you are new, hi! My second name is Michelle, but I also go by Micah. I’m from Costa Rica but I appreciate having changes of scenery whenever possible, which is why being an online personal coach has been the perfect job for me.


I’m a 24-year-old personal stylist/fashion coach with a bachelor’s degree in fashion design. I developed my own styling methods and that evolved into me turning into a style coach that specializes in dark-skinned people and people of African descent.

This blog is a platform in which you can find complementary information to my work at Cocoa Styling, with video summaries, free guides, and extra fashion hacks. And the secondary goal is to show you how all of that can be applied to real life, so make sure that you are subscribed if you want to follow me on my colorful fashion experimentation journey.

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Dry Leaves


As I learned about the many styling methods and rules, I certainly noticed a lack of information on how these techniques could be applied to someone like me. And I started an investigative process on how I could use this information on myself. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find much as it has been the norm to not include more ethnic representation in the fashion and beauty world.


It wasn’t only that, but in most places, they don’t sell products for people with my complexion. And with the inclusivity wave, they certainly improved, but there is still a long way to go. Unfortunately, until recently there were certain misconceptions about dark skin in makeup, for example, some places only used to sell dark shades with warm undertones or the darkest shade they had was still extremely light for a brown-skinned woman. Thankfully some brands like MAC and Fenty Beauty and people like Nyma Tang and Jackie Aina helped changed the standard.

Those things also happen in the styling world, dark skin girls only get typed as Winters or Dark Autumns, or always being typed as Romantics in styling essences, but we also come in a HUGE variety is shades and forms. And you can definitely see that in, for example, a red carpet, they would dress someone in yellow just because they are dark, but if they have a cool undertone that’s really not their best color.

I decided that I shouldn’t wait for someone to do something that caters to people like me if I could do it myself. It took lots of time and determination because I had to mix, match, and reinterpret all the things that I knew and start to unlearn all the baseless data that I had before. Ultimately, by trial and error, I managed to build a system that finally made sense and it was something that I could use for myself.

I knew I would have loved to find something like this when I first started my fashion journey. So, since I had developed a few methods that worked on people like me, why not share part of it with other people who might find it useful.


This blog serves as a place for me to teach and give tips on the style systems that I created, but it goes a step further by showcasing how I apply those to my personal style and how you can apply them to real-life as well. I’m all about fashion experimentation, but you should know the fashion rules before you break them.

Have a lovely day and I hope you enjoy your style journey just like I did,

Micah ♥

Image by Markus Winkler


If you wish to work with me or if you want to interview me, feel free to email me. I love partnering with brands and other entrepreneurs.

Please keep in mind that if you wish to work with me, being able to give my honest opinion is a must. If you wish to see my rates or a media kit, please include it in the email.




If you wish to hire me as your personal stylist, you can go to to book me.

If you are a brand, stylist, or institution that is looking for a fashion design or color consultation, or wish to be trained to use my method please email

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