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Beach Fench



This is the COOL + LIGHT season. They are slightly bright, but still delicate. Think about an early morning beach landscape.

Color Dimensions

You are a Light Summer if your features are light and blend with your skin, but they are not desaturated. In a typic color analysis being a light type would mean that you have light eyes, hair, and skin, but the color values in this system have been modified to suit darker complexions, therefore, you will be able to find POC in this section.

Something interesting to take into account for Dark Skin Light types, is that they don’t necessarily have a main color aspect like the other seasons, but it becomes a middle point. Meaning that typically the main color aspect would be their Value level, in the sense of how light their colors are, but that is not the case when you have darker features.


If you remember when we were talking about color dimensions, you will remember that you can alter the Value of a color by adding white into the mix (tint) or adding black into the mix (shade). Since we are talking about Light types, their colors will be tinted colors.


There are two types of contrast that will indicate if you are a Light Type.


The first one is if your 3 features (skin, hair, and eyes) all have a similar coloring. Since all of them are very similar, none of them stand out by themselves. They will also be light, light skin, light eyes, and light hair.


Now, the second one applies to ethnic Light types that have darker features. In this case They would have lighter features for their ethnicity. This happens when their features don’t create a lot of contrast between each other (the are not necessarily light, but they won’t be too dark), but they are also not muted, therefore, being a Soft type would be discarded.


The saturation level of a Light Summer would either be medium or slightly bright, it won’t be very bright because that would turn them into a Clear Winter and it won’t be muted because it would turn them into a Soft Summer.


As a cool season, you will look your best in cool colors. If you are neutral cool, then your colors will be cool, but not extremely cool and you can also wear some warmer colors.

If you feel like this might be your type you must be able to wear light pastel colors. See if you look good in colors such as sky blue, baby pink, and lavender. Since you are LIGHT + COOL, the opposite would be DARK + WARM, try to see if your worst colors are burnt orange, honey, and brick red .

Is this the right season for me?


Your sister palette is the Light Spring palette, you can borrow the cooler colors from it. Let's also remember that since your two main color characteristics are COOL and LIGHT, when you want to wear colors that are not from your palette, they should match one of those. For example, if you want to wear a warm color, it should be light, and if you want to wear a dark color, it should be cool, still, these won't be the best hues for you; also, try to avoid wearing them near from your face.


We already established that Light Spring is your sister palette, now let's talk a bit about your cousin palette, Clear Winter. They are both the more saturated types of their respective seasons, but the colors of a Clear Winter will be brighter and a bit darker and the colors of a Ligh Summer will be lighter and a bit more toned down. For example, baby pink vs magenta or peacock green vs seafoam. 


Since Summers are the seasons with the lowest color tolerance, be very careful when using the colors from the Clear Winter palette, if you do experiment with them, go for the lighter hues in it.

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Colors for Light Summers

Light Summer.png
  • What you want to do is replicate your cool undertone and the brightness of your features in your colors. Your colors will be lighter, so they don’t compete with your features. But since they are not muted, your colors will still be a bit more saturated.

  • If you can wear bright pastel colors without being washed out by them, you are definitely a Light Summer. However, Light Summers with darker skin will still need a bit more contrast especially if they have darker features, to do that they can incorporate a few pops of darker colors from the clear winter palette.​​

  • Your accent colors are a mix of all sorts of blues, minty hues, and a wide range of soft purples and pinks. You can also wear yellow, as long as it is a light and delicate version of it.

Image by Sean Oulashin


Sorry About the Lack of examples

This is the rarest type among darker POC

But I will update the examples as soon as I can :)

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