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How to dress Preppy

What is Preppy?

This is a subculture associated with the old private Northeastern college preparatory schools and Ivy League Schools. This is a term used to describe people that look like a student at these schools.

Since this is a subculture, is not only about fashion, but also about vocabulary, mannerism, and etiquette, all activities that reflect an upper-class upbringing.

Just like every other aesthetic, Preppy overlaps with other styles that you can use for inspiration. Some of them are Classy, Chic, and the Academias such as dark academia and light academia

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My Guide on: How to look Preppy

1. Lots of basics.

One of the advantages of this aesthetics is how simple it is. You get lots of basic pieces like simple dresses, shirt shirts, skirts, and tailored trousers, there is no need to use elaborate pieces. This also gives you the chance to save some money, because simpler pieces tend to be the more affordable things on any brand’s line.

2. Less is more.

Similar to the rules in a classy wardrobe, less is more, you don’t need to incorporate lots of pieces, this will also help you look more put together and it’s easier to build outfits.

3. Colors.

Colors are important, you can wear mostly neutrals, but you can also add a pop of color depending on your color season. Wearing your school colors is also a good idea!

If you are warm chose warmer colors like brown, cream, teal, yellow, green, and red.

And if you are cool chose cooler colors like white, black, purple, pink, green, and blue.

Depending on your contrast level, soft pastels or more intense color that make contrast with your skin.

4. Solid colors.

It’s better to build an outfit with two solid colors for the base and then add one accent piece.

5. Prints for garments.

Your accent pieces will be garments in simple shapes and designs, but they have prints. The most common ones are plaid, Gingham, Houndstooth, tartan, and argyle.

6. Khaki everything.

This is for warm seasons, khaki garments are a must-have on your preppy wardrobe, they are very comfortable and can be used for multiple activities.

7. Navy everything.

This is for cool seasons, since brown is a warm color most of the time, navy might be a better option for you if you are a cool season. If you do want to wear khaki, make sure it is far away from your face.

8. Sweaters and vests.

Remember when I told you it was better to get basic pieces? This is why! For a preppy outfit you will usually have a base shirt and bottom and then pair it with a vest or a sweater.

9. Learn how to layer.

This is important because since this aesthetic is inspired by people who live in the Northeast of the USA, layering is important to be equipped for the weather. I will be making a video soon on how to layer your clothes to transition from season to season.

10. On the conservative side.

Preppy outfits tend to be on the conservative side, they don’t show too much skin, and if they do it’s usually the legs. A good rule to follow for this case would be that if you’re showing your legs, you should cover your upper half and if you’re wearing a deep or plunge neckline, you should reduce the attention of your legs (This can be tricky if you’re a very voluptuous lady because it’s really hard not to look like you’re trying to show off your body, but following some of the styling tips on my how to style your body shape video can help you a lot, in there I talk about the importance of balancing your body in order to dress better)

11. Hair.

Your hair should always be styled, the way to do it depends on your face structure, but it should always look put together in a preppy look.

12. Hair accessories.

Hair accessories are a big part of a preppy look, you can wear headbands, scarves, bows, and hats.

13. Jewelry.

Again, less is more, try not to wear more than 3 pieces at a time, and more than 2 if you are also wearing a headheadpiece piece.

14. Shoes.

I think what I like the most about this style is the shoes. Whenever I want to wear something comfortable because I'm going on a trip or I'm having a long shopping spree I dress preppy, by the way, this is also the ideal aesthetic to wear if you have to take a flight and you want to look put together. The reason why this style is so comfortable is because of the shoes, this is one of the few aesthetics that favors comfortable shoes over heels. Mules, loafers, sneakers, flats, boat shoes, and boots are staples in this kind of wardrobe.

These were all my tips for a preppy wardrobe if you want a more detailed analysis of what I talked about here, and a list of wardrobe essentials for a preppy wardrobe go to the Cocoa Styling Youtube Chanel!






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